PBO Checklist
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   MD ACDC Motors, Drives, and Controls
   PT Basic Mechanical Power Transmissions
   CNF CNC - Layout and speeds & feeds
   CNM CNC Mill - 3 Axis Vertical Milling Setup and Progr
   CMI CNC Mill Intuitive - Haas Mill Intuitive Programmi
   CNL CNC Lathe - Lathe Setup and Programming and Tool C
   CLI CNC Lathe Intuitive - Haas Lathe Intuitive Program
   CMM CNC - Post Production Inspection
   CMP CNC Macro - Macro Programming and Tool Probing
   CPC CNC - Process Control/Job Planning/Cycle Time redu
   CL ControlLogix
   DE Digital Electronics
   DL Digital Literacy
   HD Hydraulics
   ET Industrial Electricity
   EL Industrial Electronics
   SEW Industrial Sewing
   IN Instrumentation
   ISYS Integrated Systems
   ISYST Integrated Systems Level Two - Troubleshooting
   LN Lean
   MT Machine Tool
   PLC PLC 5
   PN Pneumatics
   PR Predictive Maintenance
   PM Preventative Maintenance
   SP Siemens PLC
   TL Teamwork - Leadership
   WD Welding
   ARF Architecture - Fundamentals
   ARS Architecture - Revit Software
   AAS Architecture - AutoCAD Software
   ARD Architecture - Developing Residential Documents
   ACD Architecture - Developing Commercial Documents
   ACF Architecture - Construction Fundamentals
   ACS Architecture - Developing Construction Skills
   ACA Architecture and Construction Applications
   AVC Architecture - Visual Communications