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The Multi-State Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, or M-SAMC, is committed to improving the alignment between educators and our nation's manufacturers. As a part of this effort, we are developing a growing set of Performance-Based Objectives, or PBOs, that educators and industry can use in an effort to better work together and communicate their skill needs. Using this tool:

Educators and industry partners can develop customized skills check sheets that can assess student or employee skills in the classroom or on the plant floor Education and training providers can leverage a standard, industry-validated set of PBOs as a resource in aligning, improving, and creating courses
Employers can enter data about which skills they really need, and how those needs change over time Educators and employers can enhance their partnership by using PBOs as a communication tool

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Registering is free, and allows you to download custom, editable PBO lists and check sheets and enter your own data about which PBOs you need (if you're a company), or which you deliver (if you're a college).

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